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/int/ - Welp, I just spent hours on drawings I ended up ri...
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Welp, I just spent hours on drawings I ended up ripping to pieces and flushing down the toilet anyway.

One took me at least 6 hours and had Evil Flippy, from HTF, fused with an atomic explosion, about to fuck shit up in some village. (it should be noted he had razor-sharp teeth and was mimicking a pose from a painting I had done around 2 years ago inspired by Bosch)

The other one took me at most 2 hours and was a pointillist drawing of good Flippy in a white abyss, floating next to a prepubescent black girl, who was very much naked, with poetic words above their heads.

They were both based on this absurdist fanfiction I wrote a few days ago...

...maybe I SHOULD return to comics. -_-